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Thursday, March 23

Do I look like a hotel?

Just received this message in my Friendster in-box.

Hey Snob,

So we are going to have St. Patty's Day party at [friend's] house on Friday night. If you're in town maybe you can attend? I was also wondering if I can stay at your place again? Your bed and company is much better than a couch or futon at [friend's] house. ;0)

"But Aren't You Gay?" Guy (NYC Guy Profile #9)

Isn't that self-invite rather presumptuous? He barely invited me to the party before asking to sleep over. At first, I took it as a joke, but after speaking to my roommate last night, word-on-the-street is that he's become minorly obsessed since meeting me. I guess he's always asking if I'm around, if I'll be meeting up and what I'm up to.

Now, I'm left asking myself. Why can't I get the guys I'm actually interested show this much interest in me? Why is it always the guys I could care less about?


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