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Thursday, March 23

The Scandinavian Suana and Rinse

Forget the $145 Deep Sea Detox at Bliss Spa. Spend those dollars on a Northwest (er, Northworst) ticket to Minnesota. There in the upper great lakes one can find the greatest, natural body treatment, the Scandinavian Sauna and Rinse.

Located conveniently lakeside, the six-seater spa relaxes, rejuvenates and detoxifies the NYC city scum from deep within your pools. Follow immediately with a short sprint outside, down the dock, and jump into mid-temperature lake water to cleanse and close pores. Once or twice glance up at the starry sky checking for shooting stars or Northern Lights for the ultimate -- this is life -- experience.

(For added benefit deep condition your hair and soap up while in the sauna for a unique shower experience.)

Follow this regimen once an evening for ideal results, but once in a while will work wonders for the stressed, frazzled NYC soul. Repeat as many times as necessary

Cost = Free


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